ARM has unveiled the latest weapon in its Arm-oury (geddit?) by announcing that the 2.5GHz ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore chip is good to go.

The next-gen chip boasts speeds up to five times faster than its predecessors, but with a similar eco-footprint.

This could mean super-speedy smartphones are on there way, although the chip is more likely to be used in tablets, netbooks or even internet enabled set top boxes.

The A15 has full compatibility with all of the other Cortex-A processors which means it should play nicely with Android, Adobe Flash, Java SE, JavaFX, Linux, Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Symbian.

Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist at In-Stat explained how, as we become more reliant on mobile data, the hardware needed to support this demand needs to advance: 

"The operational and economic benefits of cloud computing will transform the high-tech industry over the next decade. Everything from the handheld devices to the network infrastructure will require more performance and efficiency to handle the increasing amounts of information that will emerge from the use of remote resources."

"ARM has been at the core of the mobile industry and the Cortex-A15 MPCore and accompanying technologies extends the potential for this highly efficient and flexible architecture to other applications critical to our connected world."

The A15 chip is a result of a combined effort between ARM, Samsung, ST Ericsson and Texas Instruments.

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