Apple could still be planning a hardware replacement program for the iPhone 4 according to new rumours that have surfaced in Mexico. 

At the Q&A of the Apple Antennagate press conference, Steve Jobs detailed how the company would be giving away a free bumper to everyone that has bought or buys an iPhone 4, up until 30 September, and that when questioned later said that Apple would "re-examine this in September and decide whether to keep going, or maybe we will have a better idea".

Well fast forward a couple of months and CanalMX, a Mexican based tech site, is quoting an executive at Mexican carrier Telcel as telling them that Apple will release a revised version of the iPhone 4 by the end of September to address the highly-publicized antenna issue.

According to Marco Quatorze - Telcel's director of Value Added Services - through the wonders of Google Translation, the iPhone 4 sold currently in Mexico will at first be the same hardware as that sold in the US as you would expect. However Quatorze then, according to the site, detailed that a new device that does not have the "malfunction of the reception" would be introduced.

Whether or not Quatorze would be privy to such information is unsure, or it might be that Google's translation tool has led to a misunderstanding of the report, however as we questioned back at the Antennagate press conference, you have to wonder why the 30 September date as been set and why Steve Jobs, the company's CEO, was so evasive in answering the question at the time.

And you thought those Apple Antennagate stories where over and done with.

Apple Antennagate press conference by numbers

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