There's a lot of talk these days about gadgets becoming wearable tech - whereby a device can become a fashion accessory if it is deemed stylish enough.

And it seems that London based designers CuteCircuit has taken this idea literally with its M-Dress - which is a little black dress, and also a phone.

The dress has a small antenna sewn into the hem (at knee level to reduce radiation to your brain) and has controls, a mic and a speaker built into one of the sleeves. The SIM card slots in just behind the label.

You can answer calls simply by raising your arm to your ear and hanging up is as easy as dropping your arm.

Your dress will even ring to let you know that you're receiving a call - with personalised ringtones available too.

You can only store two numbers on the phone though, so choose carefully what they'll be before heading out.

The M-Dress is out next year, but there's no word yet as to how much it'll cost.

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