Let's face it, the cameras on camera phones are great, but they aren't fantastic, and that's mainly down the lack of space to pack a decent lens.

However one company, Photojojo, believes it has come up with the ultimate answer that should work with most if not all camera phones on the market.

Bolt a better lens on instead.

The Fisheye, and Macro and Wide Angle camera phone lenses cost $40 for the pair, although you can buy them separately ($25 and $20 respectively) and work by using a detachable magnetic ring that sticks to your phone allowing you to add a better bolt-on lens with little effort.

The result is, the company claims, a better camera phone as you'll have a better lens to shoot through.

The macro and wide angle lens offers a focus between 10-23mm from your subject with a wide angle of 0.67x wide. The Fish-eye lens offers a 180 degree angle (0.28x).

The two lenses, range between 15.8-25mm diameter x 6.5-15mm length and come with back and front lens covers to prevent scratching of glass when they aren't attached to your phone.

Judging by the test pictures on their website they might just be right.