Ovi by Nokia has pulled off a bit of a coup, with Tesco choosing that platform to launch its mobile shopping app. Although the UK supermarket giant made its Clubcard app available on iPhone, BlackBerry and other operating systems on its debut, the new software is exclusive to the Ovi Store. For 1-month, anyway.

The free application allows Nokia handset owners to shop via their devices, and it links in with an existing online account so that customers can continue with their orders on a home PC, and vice versa.

Other features include a search engine for products, order amending and delivery time booking.

It joins the Tesco Clubcard app, which is also available through the Ovi Store. Using a unique barcode, which complies with a customer's unique Tesco points card, checkout operators can scan the screen and assign rewards without any need to scrabble around in a purse or wallet for the card itself.

Of course, neither app helps pack your shopping away, but it's a good start.