We all know that Apple fanboys can be a stressed out bunch at times.

If they're not gripping their phones so tightly, in order to replicate the death grip issues, that it makes all the blood in their body rush to their hands - they're constantly bemoaning the lack of Flash on their iPads, unless they're jailbroken of course.

What the over-burdened fanboy needs to do, is to relax. And everybody knows that the best way to relax is via a good massage (we're talking proper muscle therapy here, not back-alleyways and happy-endings, so get your minds out of the gutter).

And now Apple iOS device owners can team up the Human Touch-Connect app with the AcuTouch 9500 - the world's first iOS powered massage chair.

The AcuTouch can be programmed via your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and you can even select pre-programmed sessions, like the one pro-golfer Tim Clark has designed.

The App even measures your size and posture in order to give you the correct treatment and there is also a rapid mode that quickly targets three different muscle groups. You can customise the intensity of the massage and save sessions to your iOS device for future rub-downs.

The AcuTouch 9500 is available directly from Human Touch. The bad news - it will cost you almost $6000. But if the thought of spending that much money stresses you out - you'll soon forget your worries once you've been given a thorough going-over.