If you're an iPhone 4 owner trying to work out which iPhone case to go for in light of your handset's "possible" reception issues, then Pocket-lint might have the answer for you in the form of the Exspect iPhone 4 Toughskin cases.

Yes, the barrage of manufacturers jumping on the misfortune of Apple continues, but to be fair these look to be a decent option as Apple isn't offering any coloured cases in its giveaway - making this rather fetching range worth looking at.

There's a choice of metallic red and blue cases as well a transparent one - all retailing at £9.99, which should not only protect your phone, but solve any antenna issues. And if you're not having any reception problems and like looking at yourself in the mirror when out and about, then Exspect is also offering a mirrored screen protector for £6.99. There's also a matte version for £4.99.

Both the screen protectors and cases are available from Amazon and Play.com right now.