Another week another iPhone 4 sticker pack, designed to help you stop losing reception after you've performed the death grip on your favourite mobile - this time, however, it's for folks in the UK.

iBandage is a UK-made thin vinyl "bandage" that offers the iPhone 4 owner an alternative to the manufacturer’s rubber rim "bumper", which users report to be "bulky" and out of keeping with the phone’s sleek design.    

If it all looks familiar, that's because it is. The design is virtually identical to the Antenn-aid stickers released last week and the End Call decals also doing the round.

A 10-pack of iBandages costs just £4.95 with free UK delivery.

The 10-pack includes extra decals that we haven't yet seen, including one that makes it look like you've not got anything on it at all, or our favourite; one that simply says "fixed".