The Apple free iPhone 4 bumper program is now open in UK, but with a range of different cases to choose from which one should you opt for? Here is a run down of the ones available for free, from Apple.

It's worth noting that if you wanted to spruce up your iPhone 4 with a bit of colour, you aren't going to be able to do it for free. Apple's free bumper giveaway options when it comes to colour are black, black and more black.

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper - Black

You might normally be able to choose one of six colours - white, black, blue, green, orange, or pink - but here, presumably because of manufacturing constraints, you'll get the option of the black one and that's it.

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If you haven't already worked it out, you slip it around the edge of your iPhone 4, which in turn stops you pressing the "black bars of doom".  With metal buttons for volume and power it will do the trick. Yes it's rubber, but it has been designed by Apple so it means it will fit perfectly, almost as if you were supposed to have it from day one.

How long 3-5 weeks

Original price £25

Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 - Smoke or Clear

The Incase Snap isn't even available to buy on Incase's own site, presumably because they've diverted all its efforts into supporting the Apple free bumper scheme.

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However, the Snap has previously been available for the iPHone 3GS. The Incase Snap is a simple snap-on attachment made from a clear or smokey bit of plastic. That means it's going to be lightweight and not only stop you touching the black bits, but also protecting the back of your phone as well. You can get other colours and designs, they just aren't available in the offer.

How long 3-5 weeks

Original price £16

Belkin Shield Micra for iPhone 4 - Clear

According to Belkin, the Shield Micra for iPhone will help you "Protect your iPhone with the flexible, touchable case without the bulk".

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That means you get an ultra-thin case that is lightweight engulfing the sides and back of your iPhone 4. When it comes to accessing the buttons, there are holes in the plastic, and this case doesn't affect the front of the handset, letting you pop your iPhone out of the case with ease says Belkin.

How long 6-8 weeks

Original price £8

Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Diamonds/Smoke

The blurb suggests this glossy case from Griffin is one of the tougher cases to choose from, using words like "durable, flexible, scuff- and tear-resistant", in order to impress.

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Made from thermoplastic polyurethanes rather than silicon, it features cut-outs so you can still access all the buttons and dock connector slot at the bottom.

The diamond reference, unfortunately, doesn't produce a case that is studded with the hard rock normally found in engagement rings, but instead just a pretty pattern on the rear. Which will also mean that those keen to show off the Apple logo on the back will be disappointed, this virtually obliterates it.

How long 6-8 weeks

Original price£15

Griffin Reveal Etch iPhone 4 - Black/Black Graphite

The Reveal uses polycarbonate as the main material in this case, mixing in some rubber trim that wraps around the edges to cushion and protect.

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According to Griffin the Reveal adds 1.6mm  in thickness to the sides and back of your iPhone, meaning you'll get protection from something that isn't going to make your pocket bulge.

How long 8-10 weeks

Original price £15

Speck Fitted Case iPhone 4 - Black Tartan

While the other cases offer materials like rubber, plastic, polycarbonate, or thermoplastic polyurethanes, the Speck Fitted Case goes for a more natural material choice. While that means it's more likely to get dirty quicker, it does mean you get a hard-shell case with a matte soft-touch coating.

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Here, that soft-touch coating comes in a black tartan design ideal if you're a bit more fashion conscious.

There are holes for your buttons and dock connector, and the wrap around case is raised at the front to help protect your screen from coming in contact with other surfaces that might scratch it.

How long 4-6 weeks

Original price £20

Speck PixelSkin HD iPhone 4 - Black

This rubberised iPhone 4 case takes a tough look with a grid design that is incredibly grippy in-hand.

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Rubberised touch-thru button covers and cutouts for plug port, camera and hold switch, however it will take away any sense of hard hitting lines, along with any sense of design that probably made you buy the iPhone 4 in the first place. Think of this case as wrapping your new phone in bubble wrap. That might be what you want, but then again it might not be.

How long 2-3 months

Original price £15

Other options

If you don't like any of the above there is one other option. Order the Apple Bumper and then head over to Proporta who will offer you 20 per cent off the price of any case on its site, if you send them your new freebie. 

Yes, you will have to pay something, but at least you won't be paying full price. 

Which one are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments below.