First there was Antenna-aid, now another antenna patch has joined the mix, although at the slightly more expensive $29 a pop price point.

It's currently just an idea created by Aaron Draczynski rather than an actual product you can buy, but the concept, is a bright red "End Call" decal that you stick over the black bars that are causing all the reception issues that is "Antennagate".

"iPhone 4 accessory idea. You're welcome, Apple", Dracynski tweeted. 

Of course sticking the decal over the black bars means that you would stop losing the signal in the first place, so the sticker actually becomes an oxymoron, but hey, it should get the job done, and means that you can have a laugh at yourself buying a phone that has a problem at the same time.

With the Antenna-aid starting as a spoof and becoming a real product, there is hope yet.