Hmmmm. What have we here?

A job advert from Palm has cropped up over in the states for a "Video Conferencing Software Engineer" based at its Sunnyvale HQ. Could the next wave of webOS devices be boasting a FaceTime rival?

The job calls for someone along the lines of a:

"Video Conferencing Software Engineer using C/C++, JavaScript, Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodologies, Java, JavaScript, mobile web services architecture and techniques, scalable and secure server applications".

Video calling was all the rage back in 2003, when Three Mobile launched the first video calling network. Except it wasn't all the rage, not really. No-one really seemed that interested.

But now, since Apple has come up with FaceTime, video calling seems to be back on the agenda again - and it looks as though HP and Palm don't want to miss out.

The new role could mean a webOS based video calling feature or maybe it involves third party co-operation such as Skype app for webOS devices.

Maybe it is something entirely new - after all, it was reported that Apple was interested in buying Palm because of its intellectual property.

We wait with baited breath.

Are you buying in to the second wave of the video calling revolution or would you rather be unseen? Let us know using the comments below.