Some critics have suggested that rather than solving the death grip issues, Apple has merely stuck a plaster (or band-aid for our US readers) over the problem.

Well, now you can do precisely that with these brilliantly simple Antenn-aid vinyl stickers. If you don't fancy making your iPhone 4 even bulkier than it already is by taking advantage of a free bumper - you can simply stick one of these bad boys on the troublesome bottom left corner and, hey-presto, signal dropping should be a thing of the past.

With its tongue firmly in its cheek, Etsy is selling the Antenn-aids for $4.99 for a pack of six. You get six different colours and the makers claim that they are so revolutionary that even Ben Franklin would approve.

There's also a few digs at Apple in the marketing material - they are said to be "magical" and they have colours that "you can see with the human retina".

We love them. Simple, funny and on the money. Get them direct from Etsy if you agree. They could become the cult iPhone 4 accessory of the year - so move fast to avoid disappointment.