You have to admit, Apple hasn't been great of late, when it comes to keeping a wrap on its up and coming products, which is good for those who like to speculate what the maker of the iPhone has in store for us next.

So when an unannounced, unspeculated 3 x 3cm touchscreen with Apple's copyright written all over it turns up in leaked spy shots, you have to wonder what "magical" product the company has in store for us next.

Here we try and hazard a few guesses:

One of the biggest negatives for the iPod shuffle is that it doesn't have any buttons. That's great for when you are running because you don't care, but what about when you want to do something else, like see what tracks you've got available to listen to, or check your Nike+ stats? Adding a screen, but keeping the device small, would solve that.

The new iPod nano

The iPod nano might be small, but it's currently not touchscreen or App Store happy. A shift to an all-touchscreen device would keep Apple's "touch" mantra on the straight and narrow, and bring in what is now one of the oldest Apple iPod products into the fold. It would also mean that users would be able to access apps, as Apple could probably use the shift to a touchscreen device, as the chance to support iOS 4 on it as well.

Apple has already toyed with the idea of us using our fingers to control the mouse around the screen. Could this be a new trackpad for the MacBook and MacBook Pro range that also displays a range of information? Let's hope so.

If Apple TV is getting an overhaul (supposedly) why can't the remote get one too? Buttons as we know, according to Apple, are so "yesterday". A touchscreen-enabled remote would allow them to do so much more and entice people to glide around the interface very much like some of the remotes for Apple TV already in the App Store. It would also be a cunning way for Apple to convince you that you needed more space and therefore upgrade to the iPod touch.

Dick Tracey eat your heart out. Imagine FaceTiming your friend,  getting the weather, or accessing any app for that matter all from the comfort of your wrist. You know you want to.

Okay, we admit, this is a bit of a long shot, but could Apple be about to take on HP with a new printer and this is the screen for it. HP has already started dabbling with apps for printers, so why not Apple? Think about it, a small portable printer for your iPhone, iPad or Mac that lets you print everything, well, "Applely".

Yes we've heard the rumours before, but perhaps Apple is so afraid that the Sony Ericsson X10 mini is going to steal all its market share, its just got to have a small screen version of its own phone.

What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below.

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