On a day that we spy the diamond-studded iPhone 4, we also see that luxury mobile phone manufacturer Mobiato has crafted a bevy of new hideously opulent handsets for its Classic range, using wood panelling the like of which we haven't seen on tech since the Atari 2600.

Obviously, the effect was simply sticky-back wooden veneer on the VCS, which had a tendency to peel off, whereas the 712EM phones are made of solid Maple Burl, Cocobolo or Ebony hardwood in-layed into an anodised aluminium frame, but the effect's similar. Sort of.

The glass and buttons are made of sapphire crystal, for strength and pure showy-offness (see, it's even prompted us to make up words), and the logo is CNC machine engraved for good measure.

Each 712EM handset comes unlocked and works with any GSM operator. The screen is 2.2in and QVGA, and it has a 5-megapixel camera with flash. GPS is included, along with email, web browsing and a digital music player (compatible with a wide range of filetypes). Yep, it's a phone too.

There's no indication of price, but, and this might surprise you, other handsets in the Classic range can be found for around $400. Consider that the iPhone 4, unlocked, starts at £499 and maybe you don't need to be a rich sheik to own a phone like one.

Of course, the iPhone 4 is impervious to dry rot...