Pimped up Apple devices aren't a new phenomenon. In fact, the guy who has designed this diamond encrusted iPhone 4, Stuart Hughes, has history. He has a £130,000 solid gold iPad under his belt already as well as a £1.92 million iPhone 3GS.

So $20,000 is small change for a Stuart Hughes design, so why are we bothering to cover it?

Well, it's possibly the first time that pimping of a mobile handset could possibly make the device work better. If Apple reckons that its bumpers can solve the reception issues that have blighted the handset - we think a vast amount of diamonds might just do the same*.

It's an expensive solution we give you that, but come on - not only will you have the coolest iPhone 4 on the block you'll also have the best reception.

The $20,000 diamond iPhone 4 is riddled with VVS, F cut diamonds - 6.5 carats in total - and also features a solid platinum Apple logo on the back.

There's only going to be 50 of these blingy handsets made, so get it quick to avoid reappointment.

*Pocket-lint feels it must state that in no-way has our reception improvement theory been tested and if you spend $20,000 on an iPhone, purely to try and get a couple of extra bars coverage, then you are clearly an idiot.