Quick, book your flight - international roaming just got (a little bit) cheaper. As well as a cap of €50 (about £41-ish) on data charges, the cost of calls whilst abroad has also fallen due to an EU directive which is now in place.

The cuts are as a result of complaints made by EU Telecoms Commission, who complained that mobile networks were ripping their customers off with inflated prices when they used their phones abroad.

So from now on, you won't be able to spend more than £50 on browsing, unless you agree with your network that you want to. The actual cost of downloading is now 65p per MB (it was 82p).

The cost of making calls within the EU will be 32p a minute, and receiving a call will now cost you 12.5p a minute. You'll no longer have to pay to receive a voicemail when you're abroad either - although it will cost you to call your voicemail.

Minister for Communications, Ed Vaizey said:

“As people set off on holiday abroad it is great to know that the cost of mobile calls home from Spain, France and other European countries will be cheaper than ever.

“And with a new cap on the monthly price for data roaming, no longer will unsuspecting tourists and business travellers be stung by an extortionate bill when they return home.

“The cut in wholesale costs of data downloads abroad should also makes it cheaper for UK consumers to watch their favourite programme or get the latest news on their phone in any European country”.

We also welcome the changes, even if we aren't likely to receive press coverage for doing so like Mr. Vaizey.

Still, we still don't believe that even the cheaper call charges are fair - they are still way too high. And as for 65p per MB - well that's just ridiculous.