Ahh the rumour mill, it's all good fun one would say, but easy to debunk if you know what's what and others don't.

This one is a case of mistaken identity.

It seems Daily Telegraph technology editor Claudine Beaumont turned up for an interview with Sky News on launch day for the iPhone at Regent Street, in which she was sporting her loan unit supplied by Apple ready to give an interview on what the new phone is like.

Trouble is, Sky News forgot to credit Miss Beaumont, passing her off as one of the queuing mob instead.

In steps 9to5mac.com and Mashable and T3.com with "White iPhones appearing in UK Stores?" and so starts the rumours that stock is here now rather than next month, and those waiting for the white version should be able to get them if they hunt hard enough. 

It's the second misreported story about the iPhone in as many days with the Daily Mail falling for a fake Steve Jobs twitter account claim that the iPhone 4 was being recalled by Apple.