A Pocket-lint reader has been told of one of Three mobile's iPhone 4 price plans and so far, prior to T-Mobile's announcements, it is far cheaper than any of its rivals.

The costings were revealed by the brand's customer services when asked to match a comparable Orange price plan for a 16GB phone. Orange quoted £119 for the handset, on a £35 a month scheme. However, Three's counteroffer is £30 per month for 500 mins, unlimited texts and internet (no indication on whether that will remain unlimited or not, though), and a 16GB iPhone 4 will cost £99 - considerably lower.

Unfortunately, though, it seems that Three customers will have to wait until after launch day to get their hands on the phones: "Those who have reserved will get a text today and be asked to call on Monday when there should be more news as to when they will be available", says Pocket-lint reader Dan Rye. "Those who have had a reserved text come through will be given priority".

Have you been told any further details from Three, T-Mobile or any other operator? Let us know in the comments below.

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