Sitting at your desk clicking a button every few minutes may be a pre-requisite for power station workers and TV football statisticians, but it's not what we expected at Pocket-lint when we signed up.

However, with few details coming out of Cupertino other than Apple's original launch date of 21 June, we've found ourselves frantically fiddling with the "Check for Update" button on iTunes for most of the day so far, in the vague hope that the new OS will suddenly spring up.

It seems, though, that our UK-centric iTunes bothering is premature, as it's now heavily rumoured that Apple will release the iOS 4 update at 10am Pacific Time, which makes sense as that's the time when the Cupertino headquarters will be fit and ready for it. And that means that we'll get it at 6pm this evening.

Before you start whinging though, think of the poor Australians... They won't even get it on 21 June at all. It'll be an entirely new day for them...

You can be guaranteed, though, that we'll let you know the moment it's available, so check out our dedicated iOS 4 microsite regularly.

UPDATE: iOS 4 now available in iTunes 9.2.