What. A. Goal. Siphiwe Tshabalala got the World Cup underway in spectacular fashion at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg today. If you missed it because you were at work then you've only got yourself to blame.

After all, we already told you during our World Cup week the five best ways to skive off of work to watch the footie. Plus we also produced a guide on watching the World Cup on your mobile. Sure, using your phone isn't likely to endear you to your employers, but use your noggin - arrange a fake meeting or just take an extra long "toilet break".

On the subject of the World Cup and your mobile you may also want to check out these handy apps:

- The official England app (iPhone)

- GOAL.com Mobile Reader (BlackBerry)

- World Cup Essentials (Android)

- Betfair TV (Samsung, Sony tellies)

You could have also streamed the action live to your PC if you didn't have access to a TV. Here's our guide to watching the World Cup online.

Maybe you set your PVR to record the match? If not, be sure to do that for the rest of the matches, but check out our rundown of the best 5 PVRs for the World Cup first.

If you were sensible enough to book the day off for the opening matches then well done. No doubt you'll have checked out the following guides to make watching the World Cup at home in style a doddle:

- The 10 best TVs for World Cup watching

- Watching the World Cup on TV

- Best tips for improving your TV picture quality right now

- 10 top home cinema tips for making the most of your pokey lounge

- Watching the World Cup...in HD

- How to buy a new TV

- The 5 best amplifiers and speaker systems for World Cup wonders

- The 10 best home cinema chairs

- The best network devices to stream media around the house

Who knows? Maybe if you follow all of the advice in the links above then maybe one day we'll be featuring your home cinema setup in a feature like this.

But what is there to do between the games? Maybe you could kill some time by playing the official EA Fifa World Cup game on your iPhone or trying out some of the titles in our Top 10 football video games.

Or, you could read up on the technology behind the World Cup, or perhaps have a ganders at the hi-tech Libero analysis system the BBC are going to be using throughout the tournament.

So, now you're covered. No excuses for missing any of the action.

Let us know how you'll be following the action using the comments below? And also, give us your predictions on who you think might win it.