Steve Jobs' keynote is but a few hours away now, and we fully expect him to launch the much-leaked, controversial iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD, as many believe it will be called). Or do we?

In the face of months of speculation and gossip, the Pocket-lint team throw their own opinions into the hat, and some of them may come as a surprise:

"We have heard so many leaked iPhone 4G rumours that, should they be true, we've managed to put together a fairly accurate dossier on what the handset will constitute. Apart from memory. Cold hard storage has been oft overlooked".

"I believe that, with the iPhone HD (as it will inevitably be called), there will be a maximum of 64GB on-board storage - double the limit of the 3GS. It's feasible, and certainly possible, to have 128GB, but I think that may be kept up the sleeve for another time. Certainly, if there's HD recording, the handset will need the extra file space".

"Apart from that, I don't think there'll be any other surprises. It'd certainly take something spectacular to get the world's tech press buzzing after the last couple of months of saturation".

"Maybe Steve Jobs will whip off a rubber mask, a la Scooby Doo, and reveal that he was Bill Gates, the former owner of the fairground down the road, after all".

"Now, that WOULD be special".

"If a new iPhone appears, I think Apple will take the opportunity to launch a device that will hold the same design through several generations as they have done in the past. The biggest challenge will be addressing the WiMAX or LTE issue, as this is an area likely to change in the next few years.

"I think the app-based approach will be maintained, with full backwards compatibility with existing apps, but a higher resolution display will prompt developers to update. I don't think we'll see a mega-camera, so 5-megapixels seems likely, perhaps with HD video capture, but the emphasis will be on usability rather than chasing stats".

"Improved battery technology might mean the first accessories you buy for your new iPhone won't be three new chargers (one for the office, one for the car and one for 'just in case', which you will carry with you at all times). And you might actually be able leave the house without having to worry about spending your entire day leap-frogging from power outlet to power outlet. Starbucks has done very well out of me in recent years..."

"My prediction for the iPhone 4G launch is that there will be few surprises, basically an 1.5-hour affirmation of what has been leaked out over the last few months - with plenty of 'terrifics', 'magicals' and the odd 'unbelievable' coming from Jobs".

"The real crux of the matter is whether the new iPhone (along with the new OS) will compete with the glut of Android handsets flooding the market. As a handset it will have no problems doing this - the spec sheet looks pretty tasty - and you have to say that, with its new multitasking OS, it's looking pretty strong on that front too. With the multitasking criticism having been addressed all Apple needs to deliver is half-decent battery life - there's no point having the ability to run multiple apps if you ain't got the juice to do it".

"I think that Apple will also introduce an 8GB 3GS and that production of 16 and 32GB 3GSes will cease. The next-gen iPhone will be Apple's main event, obviously, but an entry level, budget friendlier, 8GB 3GS running iPhone OS 4.0 will help its smartphone market share go through the roof".

"While I would find it incredibly funny if Apple managed to stir up all this excitement just for the launch of a new version of its Safari (v5) browser, I think that we are in for a new iPhone".

"What will it look like? Again I am torn. While it will probably look like the numerous prototypes floating around, just more refined, wouldn't it be amazing if Steve Jobs stood up on stage and revealed something completely different and mind blowing, while, at the same time, telling the world's press that all these leaks have been a diversion like the best magic trick ever played".

"Apple is good at stoking the rumour mill to climatic highs, but if it could add some magic (David Copperfield style) we would never trust a rumour ever again would we?"

So there you have it, if Pocket-lint is to be believed, Steve Jobs will reveal a 64GB iPhone HD, with extra-long battery life, a 5-megapixel camera and high-def video recording. It'll multi-task, look much like the prototypes we've seen already, and run high-res apps.

Or he'll announce Safari v5, snigger and reveal himself to be a Scooby Doo villain.

It's a tough call.

What do you think? You've got a couple of hours to let us know your opinions on the new iPhone before the show hits the road.