Don't be too concerned if you've not heard of Altek, it is a Taiwanese company that acts as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), meaning the stuff it usually produces gets re-branded under various different names.

Altek usually manufactures digital cameras, and that is probably why the mobile phone it has unleashed, the Altek Leo, has got a pretty impressive camera spec. In fact, whereas a phone usually has some camera features on board, the Leo is more like a camera with some phone features thrown in.

Firstly, it's 14-megapixels. That's massive for a phone. It can also shoot HD video, has a 3x optical zoom, both Xenon and LED flashes and uses a CCD sensor.

On the phone side, well, we don't really know much but by looking at the buttons on the device it may well be sporting an Android OS.

More details will be known next month when Altek presents the Leo during the CommunicAsia 2010 event in Singapore. We'll keep an eye on the expo and let you know about any juicy details.