The Palm Pixi Plus has finally hit the UK, available on O2 from the 28 May, and Pocket-lint has had one to play with for the past couple of days. 

The new phone, which replaces the Palm Pixi in the US (it never made it to the UK) hopes to offer those looking to upgrade to a smartphone for the first time a viable offering against the likes of the BlackBerry curve and even the Inq range of handsets. 

Using the same webOS operating system as found on the Palm Pre, and Palm Pre Plus (it's a platform don't you know) users will be able to multi-task to their hearts content on the new tiny candy bar that packs 8GB of storage space for videos, pictures and music.

It sports a 2.63-inch touchscreen display, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, but a rather disappointing 2-megapixel camera. There's no micro SD card slot, but with 8GB that shouldn't matter too much and the ease and simplicity in setup, certainly for email will definitely appeal.

The Palm Pixi Plus will be available initially on O2 from 28 May starting at £25 a month if you are happy to sign an 18-month contract. Palm has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it hopes to add more operators over the coming months.

We will be bringing you a full review of the new handset shortly.