Tesco Mobile has announced that its iPhone tariffs are getting a shake-up. Prices have been reduced almost across the board, and there's several new 12-month contracts for those who don't want to commit to years with the same handset.

The iPhone 3G 8GB can now be grabbed for £100, the 3GS 16GB for £200 and the 3GS 32GB for £275 on a new 12-month contract, which will cost you £35 per month. It includes unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi, as well as 750 voice minutes per month. If you're happy to pay £45 per month over 24 months, you can get a 3GS 16GB for free.

Tesco Mobile's CEO, Lance Batchelor, told Pocket-lint: "Tesco Mobile's iPhone tariffs have been very popular. We've now made them even better, with a lower upfront cost for iPhone and a new 12-month contract".

If you're not fussed about waiting until June for the next edition of the iPhone, then head on over to tescomobileiphone.com, which sounds like a dodgy spam-URL but actually just redirects you to Tesco Direct.