In the UK Brits do free phones all the time, with operators keen to subsidise handsets for the promise of 2 years of your custom.

In the US it's different, they don't do free, you have to pay for your phone, and sometimes pay heavily, so when US operator Verizon slashes the price of two of its newest handsets you have to sit up and notice. 

That's what's happened to the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, which are now available on the US network for virtually nothing.

We heard last month that Palm has plenty of stock sat on the shelves and this is clearly its way of getting rid of it.

Customers looking to get the Palm Pre will now be able to get not one, but two handsets for just $50, half the price of the price slash by Sprint in February.

The Palm Pixi Plus is even cheaper, for $30 you'll also get two handsets making them just $15 a piece.

It's a far cry from the Palm Pre launch which saw the handset priced at $349.99, when it launched on the Sprint network in June last year.

Will it be enough to save Palm and help shift that stock? We'll find out at the next earnings report.

The news is likely to mean that when they hit the UK, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus will probably come with offers giving you money.