Wolfram Alpha, the computational search engine, has made a massive u-turn over its iPhone app, slashing the price from $50 to $1.99 and re-instating the mobile friendly website.

In a move that, most likely, hopes to rectify slow growth, the company is even going as far as offering a refund to anyone that paid the higher price for the iPhone/iPod app to make sure they are kept happy.

Changing what was presumably an "only for a select few" mantra to "let's get Wolfram Alpha in the hands of everyone", users will now be able to access the search engine on their phone once again or buy the new much cheaper app.

To get a refund, users will have to supply their phone's or iPod touch's UDID, a screenshot of their UDID on the iTunes summary and account details page, as well a copy of their receipt from Apple.

Those on Android or other phone operating systems will be able to access Wolfram Alpha via a new mobile website. It "is a big step forward from the landing page it replaces, having been engineered from the ground up for the new generation of touch-screen smartphones while enabling access to Wolfram Alpha from earlier handheld devices that have difficulty with the main website", says the company.