It's not the first time we've had word that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus were heading to the UK and Europe, however new information suggests our previous thoughts might be true.

Both new handsets have been tracked going through the GCF (Global Certification Forum), an equivalent to the FCC for America, but only for Europe.

What that means is that Palm is making sure they work in Europe before they go on sale.

"Since the GSM Palm Pre received its certification a while ago already, the P101UEU might be the GSM Palm Pre Plus while the P121UEU seems to be the European GSM version of the Palm Pixi Plus", claims website,

Yes, the numbers are different from the US model codes that passed through the FCC before the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus went on sale on Verizon, and the models that have since been announced for the AT&T network.

Palm has, following its latest poor earnings reports, said that it would be launching handsets, both current and new with other operators in due course.

Earlier in the month a tip off to phone blog Tracy and Matt suggested that both handsets would be coming to O2 in the UK in "April 2010 shortly after the App Catalogue comes out of Beta for European users allowing access for paid applications".

We will keep you posted.