If you want your phone nicked you should move to Sheffield. That's the findings of a new report by insurance company CPP in the UK.

The survey, which questioned over 2000 people from around the UK found that Sheffield is the worst place for mobile phone theft in the UK, with more than one in ten residents (11%) having fallen victim, followed by Edinburgh (9%) and London (8%).

The survey found that a quarter found they had been pick-pocketed, a fifth had their phone nabbed from a restaurant or pub table, while an unfortunate one in ten were mugged. Shockingly, one in 20 even had their phones stolen by crafty colleagues at work.

Not surprisingly 15% of victims blame expensive handsets for the reason they were stolen.

The survey, seems to have been commissioned to highlight that nearly two-thirds (63%) have no mobile phone insurance at all, strange, claims the company that is keen to sell you that insurance, as 84% of people never get their handset back if lost or stolen.

The top five are:

Sheffield - 11% of people have fallen victim

Edinburgh - 9% of people have fallen victim

London - 8% of people have fallen victim

Liverpool - 6% of people have fallen victim

Birmingham - 5% of people have fallen victim