Hitchhikers looking to bum a lift are about to get a helping hand via a new Android and iPhone app called flinc.

According to the developers, flinc is the first dynamic ridesharing service in the world that connects smartphones and navigation systems.

The new app, currently at Alpha stage and in early testing, lets you see where other people are who are also using the system so you can alert them to your whereabouts, perhaps for a lift, since you're both running the same software - making you software buddies.

Through a real-time analysis of traffic movements says the developers, flinc is able to arrange seats in cars and other transportation options within a few seconds so you aren't hoping for a lift in a car with no space.

Combining GPS and location-based capabilities with social networking the plan is to offer a dynamic, safe and automated service that gets you from A to B.

Would you jump in the car of a stranger because they were running the same app as you? Let us know in the comments below.