Palm, in the hope of making some inroads into the mountain of stock it have sitting in store rooms, has confirmed that the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus currently only available on the Verizon network will be heading to AT&T in the next couple of months in the US.

"AT&T’s customers -- all 80 million of them -- will soon have the chance to get their hands on Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus for $149.99 and $49.99, respectively (with a two-year service agreement and after a $100 mail-in rebate)", reads the statement.

The news, comes hot on the heels of rumours that Palm would be selling the Pre and Pixi Plus in the UK on the O2 network and that, in the words of CEO Jon Rubinstein: "We're making great progress on future products, and we're looking forward to upcoming launches with new carrier partners".

The company, who is showing off the new handsets at CTIA, the US equivalent of MWC, must be hoping the announcement will help it recover from the 30% drop that its shares experienced recently.