Puma has officially launched their branded handset in partnership with Sagem. The phone was teased, revealed, withdrawn, last week but now sees the light of day at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

"It has its own personality", claimed Nina Wolf, global director of accessories and licensing at Puma. The light-hearted press launch put an emphasis on fun, which is something the phone is said to embody.

The Puma phone is described as an active smartphone, measuring 102 x 56 x 13mm and offering up a 2.8-inch touchscreen with a 240 x 320 resolution.

Around the back is the defacto 3.2-meagpixel camera with an LED flash and the solar panel, of course. You get all the normal goodies like GPS, compass, FM radio, Bluetooth and HSDPA/CDMA. Leveraging the sports angle, the Puma phone will offer a pedometer, GPS tracker and stopwatch to keep yourself on track.

A "solarometer" will tell you how much sun power you've been able to take advantage of. According to the tech sheet, it also comes with Dylan, an "on-demand digital cat". Puma are proud of their recyclable packaging, which contains all the goodies you get with it.

Accessories include a protection sleeve, wristbands, sports armband, headset and a charger.

It will be available in the first week of April, but we don't know carriers yet. You will be able to buy it direct from Puma for around 400 euros.