South Korea Telecom has used the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona to show off a mobile phone app that it will be rolling out in its home country and China that will let you control your car via your phone.

The app, which works in a similar way to Viper gives you full control over the engine and electronics of your car allowing to you check oil levels, turn on the engine, flash the lights and beep the horn and unsuspecting passersby.

While that all sounds like fun, the telecoms company is hoping people will use it to make sure there car is running okay and share music and video with the car's entertainment system.

The announcement comes as Qualcomm, the US chip giant, confirmed that it would be putting a 3G chip into the new Audi A8 for 2012 allowing it to phone emergency services automatically if you have an accident.

Presumably you'll also be able to phone it when your feeling lonely.