Jivo - makers of accessories galore - have turned over a new leaf with the launch of a super-environmentally-friendly iPhone cover.

The Leaf, as it is called, uses a unique manufacturing process in which they inject a new 100% organic resin called "Eco-Pure" into a standard TPU case, to give you a cover that looks, feels and behaves life your average plastic or silicone case, but breaks-down five times faster when you cast it aside.

The chaps at Jivo pointed out that all the packaging was recycled and free from glue too, so had minimal environmental impact.

Even better than that, rather than being mass produced in China and shipped around the world, it's manufactured in Ireland and they can produce 10,000 units a week to meet demand.

It will be hitting stores in March for an estimated price of £19.99, and O2 have already agreed to stock the Leaf.