It's been confirmed the MoGo Talk for iPhone - which we've brought you news and pics of previously - will go on sale across Europe from Apple, available for UK consumers to buy.

Said to be the world's only ultra-thin Bluetooth headset that docks with a low-profile iPhone protective case, it's due later this month.

Already on sale in the States, where it sells for $129, pricing for the UK has been set at £99 while other Europeans will pay 119 euros.

The 5mm thick Bluetooth headset docks into a special, protective iPhone case and then charges up via micro USB.

"MoGo Talk was a top selling iPhone accessory in the US over the 2009 holiday season and soon all of Europe can experience MoGo Talk through The Apple Store", says Stuart Nixdorff, CEO of Newton Peripherals, the maker of the MoGo.

"We are confident that iPhone users across Europe will appreciate how the MoGo Talk extends Apple’s clean, life-simplifying design philosophy to a companion Bluetooth headset".