The disgusting results of the most recent Pocket-lint survey are out. We posed the question: "Do you check emails, Twitter or surf the Internet in the loo?" - turns out that 65% of you are perfectly happy to admit your sick habit. The other 35% of you can consider yourselves clean.

A survey of Americans late last year found that while 90% objected to people using their phones at church, 75% had no objection to Twitter Shitters. In fact, there's even fan groups on Facebook for the habit. Be careful, though. It's not entirely clear whether most mobile phone insurers will allow you to claim for a handset that's accompanied the Browns to the Superbowl.

The next poll is a little more serious and concerns password security:

Do you use the same password for everything? Own up now (don't panic it's anonymous). If you've clicked yes on the right hand side, then you'll want to head right on over to our excellent guide to making yourself more secure.