Verizon Wireless has announced pricing for the new Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus that will hit shop shelves in the States on 25 January.

The Palm Pre Plus will cost $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate, and Palm Pixi Plus will cost $99.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate, each with a new 2-year customer agreement.

Verizon is also running a launch special offer that sees customers buying a Palm Pre Plus or a Palm Pixi Plus getting a Palm Pixi Plus free (again after a mail-in rebate) up until 14 February.

The overall cost from Verizon for a Palm contract is comparable to a £45 per month contract in the UK, because, as well as the cost of the handset, the monthly contract cost comes in at from $39.99 and consumers also have to shell out for a $29.99 monthly data plan.

As far as the Plus improvements go, the Pre Plus gets improved navigation, design and an inductive back cover for use with the touchstone charger. It's also getting a doubling of its internal memory - up to 16GB. The Pixi Plus is thinner and lighter than the original Pixi and is getting the addition of Wi-Fi functionality. Both will be able to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

There's no news yet on a UK launch for the Plus handsets - here in the UK O2 offers the Palm Pre.