The CoPilot Live v8 GPS navigation app is now available for, and compatible with, the new Google Nexus One as it's been announced the app has been downloaded by over 200,000 customers globally in its first 6 months since launch.

CoPilot Live brings full, turn-by-turn GPS navigation to the Nexus One offering what's said to be detailed street maps of the US and Canada.

Google's Nexus One comes with turn by turn directions thanks to its built-in GPS, Google Maps and Google Navigation but the CoPilot app offers extras, like using the phone's internet connection to access real-time information services such as Live traffic information, Live gas prices and local search.

There's also a free location-sharing service called LiveLink that CoPilot says makes it easy to let friends, family or colleagues view your location in real-time on an internet map, via Facebook or within CoPilot Live on their own device.

CoPilot Live GPS Navigation is available for the Google Nexus One for £25.99 via the Android Market and via the CoPilot Live online store at