Wallace & Gromit are the latest to report success via Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, with good news for their "Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files" e-comic.

In celebration of the duo's 20th anniversary the first ever digital comic had been launched free for a limited time. Created by Titan Publishing, it's been revealed the e-comic has been downloaded more than half a million times.

Like kiddie crack, although the first installment is free, the subsequent four are paid-for apps, currently priced at 59p each. These are also seeing success, no doubt aided by that first free helping and have made it into the Top 20 paid apps chart in the UK.

"We've been amazed at how well our first app has done", digital comics editor Ned Hartley told Mobile Entertainment. "Wallace & Gromit is such a great brand, and iPhone users obviously love them as much as we do!"

If you're interested in the free installment then here's the synopsis from the App Store - and it sounds like a good 'un:

"When strange shapes and flashing lights are seen in the night sky, there are only two paranormal investigators that can solve the problem. Sadly they aren't available, so Wallace & Gromit might as well have a crack at it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?"