So you've just got a new Palm Pre or Palm Pixi. Yay for you! Whether it's for work or for pleasure, there are thousands of apps you can download to suit virtually every situation.

With that in mind - here are five must-have apps for your brand new handset.

Evernote claims to turn your Palm Pre into an extension of your brain. Strong words, but what it really does is let you capture, remember and recall anything that happens in your life and then synchronise it to your PC or Mac. Yep, it's a glorified to do list service, but then as David Allen says - that's the way to "get things done".

You're a world news and events person, aren't you? Well if you want to keep in touch with the world, then AP News is one place to start. You'll get to access its news feeds, photo galleries and be able to watch video on the go.

The most popular Twitter App on the webOS platform is Tweed, allowing you to stay connected to the "Twitterverse", wherever you are. In Tweed, you get conversations, url shortening and all the usual features you'd expect from a full-featured Twitter app.

With iTunes access for Palm handsets a little hit and miss (who needs it anyway?), Pandora in the US and AccuRadio elsewhere allows you to stream music directly to your phone. Both services let you create artist radio services, playing music that sounds like your chosen artist - a bit like Apple's Genius. Either way, you get free music as long as you are connected.

As the name implies, this is a location focused app. It lets you see where you are and then find stuff nearby. Information available includes everything from the weather, news, and restaurant reviews, to the cheapest gas, traffic updates, and film times.

What are your favourite apps? Share them in the comments section below.