One of the big features of the iPhone 3GS, when it was released, was its ability to capture video. However, owners of the iPhone 2G and 3G were left out in the cold, denied the functionality unless they chose to jailbreak their handset.

But Apple seems to have performed a U-turn on its policy for video, and has approved an app that allows any iPhone to capture video. It's called iVideoCamera, costs 79p and is on the app store now.

However, there's a number of limitations - it can only capture a pathetic 3 frames per second, compared to the 3GS's 30fps, and resolution is 160 x 213 compared to 640 x 480 on the 3GS.

But like the 3GS app, iVideoCamera can transfer video to YouTube, and also get Vimeo and Facebook options for posting. Twitter integration is promised soon, along with improvements in resolution and framerate.

Is that good enough? Or is a 3fps 160 x 213 video effectively useless? Tell us in the comments.