Google, the creator of the now-confirmed Nexus One mobile phone, has been hit by a complaint from the family of the late Philip K. Dick. The phone plays on the name of the Nexus series of Androids from the movie Blade Runner, which was inspired by Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".

It turns out that unlike Motorola licensing its "Droid" name from George Lucas, no-one at Google has discussed with the Dick estate whether it'd be okay to nab the Nexus name for its handset. "We were never consulted, no requests were made, and we didn’t grant any sort of permissions", said Isa Dick Hackett, a daughter of Mr. Dick.

Although Google hasn't officially confirmed the name, the firm has filed an application for a trademark and it has also appeared in FCC filings for the handset. "My father was a big fan of technology, said Hackett. "It's certainly something we would have been happy to discuss and interested in exploring. They only needed to reach out".