Got that Bluetooth headset for the car, but don't use it? You aren't alone it seems as a survey conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK has found that many are ignoring a UK law - banning the use of mobile phones while behind the wheel.

According to a survey conducted in London earlier this year, there has been a significant increase in the use of hand-held mobile phones for drivers of all vehicles says the TRL.

"Since 2007, trends have shown an increase in hand-held mobile phone use, when increased penalties for using a mobile phone whilst driving were introduced. In addition, hands-free phone use has increased considerably for all vehicles, in particular for taxi drivers, since the first survey in 2006", the report found, suggesting the governments enforcement of a ban on using your mobile phone at the wheel isn't strong enough.

Results, which should be worrying to anyone who drives on the road, show that drivers using mobile phones are four times more likely to crash.

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