The Peek, an email-only device available in the US, is coming to the UK before Christmas the company charged with selling it in Europe has confirmed to Pocket-lint.

Aimed at those who only want email and nothing else, Fon will sell the device in two flavours; a pay as you go option that will cost just 23 euros (£20) and come with a 12.90 euros monthly subscription, and a 6-month subscription pack for 99 euros (£90).

"Users can connect and disconnect per month as they travel or keep always on if they are pleased with an email machine and are not looking for iPhone like functionality", Martin Varsavsky, the founder of the company told us.

The device is expected to be available in the UK - week commencing 14 December.

Meanwhile, in the US, Dell will sell the Peek. Prices start at $19.99.

Peek, the company behind the device, recently launched the TwitterPeek, which is dedicated to checking Twitter, however no word on whether or not that will be making it to the UK or Europe.