"There are problems in the market. The First ELSE solves them", says Amir Kupervas, ELSE CEO, boldly, launching a handset that promises to change the way we think about our phones.

Today saw the launch to press and business partners of the First ELSE handset, a mobile device that promises to be centred around the user experience, rather than the phone.

Taking a swipe at Apple, Kupervas gave the example of grabbing your iPhone to capture a video of your kid: "the phone rings and you lose your Kodak moment", he says candidly. The First ELSE aims to have the phone as an application of the device, rather than being the centre of that device.

We were on hand to grab some shots of the new handset, which is going to be hitting markets in Q2 2010. ELSE Mobile were closely guarding the new models, but we managed to get up close and personal.

No word on operators yet, but we did spy representatives from Orange at the event, and Kupervas confirmed to us that the target markets were USA, Western Europe and Russia.