Truphone has announced a Thanksgiving gift for all its users, with a 12-hour window for free calls to the States on 26 November.

All calls made via Truphone to both mobile and landline phones in the United States will be free "so that friends and family can call each other to catch up this holiday season", says the VoIP co.

From noon to midnight UTC, or 7am to 7pm EST, or more importantly for us Brits 12 noon to 12 midnight on Thursday, the calls are utterly gratis.

The offer is open to existing and new customers anywhere in the world using the Truphone application.

Truphone has applications for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, BlackBerry, Nokia and Android devices available to download from and the respective application stores for each device.

UPDATE: It seems VoIP co Localphone is offering a similar deal, with more info over on its site.