Magellan has joined the iPhone navigation party with the news it is to launch not just the RoadMate GPS application, but like TomTom and Navigon before it, a tailor-made car kit.

Magellan's offering is more of a rival to TomTom's system as it too claims to offer enhanced signal with a built-in GPS receiver, noise-cancelling speakerphone functionality, boasts in-car charging and can rotate for landscape and portrait use.

As far as the software goes, the Magellan offering looks fairly comprehensive with the navigation offering spoke street names, lane assist, 3D landmarks and address book integration.

Extras include in-app music control from the get-go, find your car functionality, a pedestrian mode and a "OneTouch" favourites menu.

Touch owners should note that when combined with the car kit - and its built-in GPS receiver - the set-up can turn the iPod into a navigation device too.

The app is available in the States now for $79.99, while pricing for the car kit (due late 2009) is $129.99, UK/Europe details are TBC.