A new iPhone app has been launched as an "entertainment first", letting iPhone owners use their iPhone to create a "personalised, social and interactive entertainment experience" while watching "Night at the Museum 2" on DVD or Blu-ray.

The app, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Spot411 "listens" and syncs in seconds to an exact moment in a movie, using real-time audio recognition technology.

As events pass in the timeline of the film, facts and trivia automatically pop up on the iPhone (or computer), such as info about an actor, the location at that moment, or song on the soundtrack.

There's also the ability for fans to share and chat with friends while watching a film via the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  

The app is available for free to download now and currently just works with "Night at the Museum 2", but there are said to "several" FoxPop releases planned for 2010.