The constant battle between Apple and those that want to open up the iPhone operating system took another step forward today, this time in favour of the coders.

George Hotz, a developer, has managed to circumnavigate Apple's coding to allow users to unlock the latest 3.1.2 iPhone update and allow users to install non approved applications as well as allow them to use the iPhone on other mobile networks like T-Mobile in the UK and US.

The software, which is available for both Mac and Windows users, requires very little knowledge of how these things work and will no doubt force Apple to release a new update to shut the loop hole. For those who used the DevTeam’s PwnageTool to jailbreak, Hotz says the blacksn0w app will soon be available on Cydia, the unofficial app store.

Earlier on Tuesday a warning was issued that iPhone users who "jailbreak" their phones could be under threat by hackers looking to steal personal information due to a security setting that is left open after a user unlocks their handset.

It is also worth mentioning that unlocking your handset voids the warranty.