Are you in the market for a new phone? Keen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G?

Then look no further as we round up the best deals for the new mobile.

That's with its 108-megapixel camera, 100X zoom, massive 5000mAh battery that's all capped off with an awesome 6.9-inch AMOLED display.

The US networks are offering the Ultra, starting with AT&T for $46.67 a month and its plans begin with unlimited data for $65

Sprint has the mobile on an 18-month lease for $16.67 a month, and an unlimited data allowance priced at $60 a month. This has Hulu access as a part of the package and DVD quality video streaming. 

The S20 Ultra is available on Verizon, costing at $58.33 a month for the phone and $55 more for 2GB of data on 4G ($108.50 upfront). Their unlimited plans start at $80, with $10 more for 5G access.  

T-Mobile is also carrying the Ultra and its offers start with a 24-month phone lease at $58.34 a month, plus $60 for unlimited data, minutes and texts. That's on the essential, basic setup with no 5G.   

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra UK deals



Our recommended deal for the S20 Ultra on Three has 100GB of data for £66 a month (no upfront cost). This is with Affordable Mobiles and has unlimited mins/texts on the Go Binge setup, with unlimited data for Apple Music, Snapchat, Netflix and more (TCO £1560). Visit offer here for Black | Grey


• The best O2 deal has £180 cashback and is accompanied by unlimited data, minutes and texts for £70 a month. This has no upfront fee for the mobile, plus access to O2 Wifi and Priority for discounts via Mobile Phones Direct (TCO £1680). View the deal in Black | Grey


The leading EE plan sports a 60GB data allowance, that's with unlimited mins/texts for £74 a month (£96.99 upfront cost) from Affordable Mobiles. You'll get six months of free access to Apple Music and MTV Play, plus three months of BT Sport and with a total cost of ownership of £1872.99. See the offer in Black | Grey


• The most outstanding S20 Ultra offer on Vodafone has unlimited data, minutes and texts priced at £75 a month, with no speed cap (£64.99 upfront) That's with Mobile Phones Direct and has a total cost of ownership of £1864.99. View the deal in Black | Grey

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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra upgrade deals

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