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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung says the Galaxy Fold will be available in the UK in early May as part of an exclusive deal with EE, as well as via its own retail stores and website. 

You can now pre-register your interest in the device from Samsung and from EE and receive the latest updates as it becomes available to buy - we're expecting the Galaxy Fold launch to be staggered in terms of numbers of handsets available, so if you're at all interested you're best off registering. 

Although we don't have a confirmed UK price for the unit, we're expecting the Galaxy Fold price to be around £1,999. Yes indeed.

After the initial registration period, full pre-orders for Galaxy Fold will go live from Samsung and EE on Friday 26 April.

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The full retail launch of the Galaxy Fold is set for Friday 3 May. Expect it to be available in select EE stores then, although we don't have confirmation of this. Because it's quite a niche product, we certainly don't believe it'll be available in all EE stores. 

Although we've seen the Galaxy Fold on stage at February's Galaxy Unpacked launch and again behind glass at Mobile World Congress, we're yet to see the device in the flesh. We believe that the situation will change in early April, so keep your eyes peeled for our initial review of the first foldable to hit the streets.

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 25 March 2019.